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:n/e/t/surf: SMS dans la tourmente en Inde
Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.15.16 PM.png

La semaine passée, de nombreux médias et services Web indiens se sont retirés de l’application, une initiative lancée par Facebook dans les pays émergents, pour offrir un accès gratuit à Internet. Le problème? L’offre limitée serait en conflit avec les principes de la neutralité Internet.

Emily Turrettini pour

Seeing more ads on your phone? Mobile ad revenue spikes
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 07.59.18.png Did you notice more commercials while you toyed with your phone or watched an online video? Sales of both jumped last year, lifting total Internet ad spending to a record $49.5 billion in the US. c/net reports.

quotemarksright.jpgInternet advertising revenue climbed 16 percent to $49.5 billion in 2014, as a spike in sales for mobile spots pushed it above banner ads for the first time, according to a study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

"Marketers clearly recognize that consumers are leading mobile-first lives," IAB chief Randall Rothenberg said in the report, published Wednesday.

Search revenue, the biggest ad sales category, continues to lose market share, all while Google -- the dominant force there -- keeps expanding its businesses into sectors like mobile phone service. Digital video advertising is on the rise, and TV programmers like HBO are racing this year to launch Internet-delivered channels.

In the latest report, mobile advertising increased 76 percent last year to reach $12.5 billion. The surge lifted it above the total spending on banner ads, which represented 16 percent of the total pie versus mobile's 25 percent.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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This Designer 3D Printed A Rolex Watch And The Results Could Impact How We Personalize Wearables
3d-printed-rolex-submariner-11.jpgWhat you see in the pictures here is a Rolex Submariner watch made at 300% scale using a 3D printer. Everything but the Perspex face and the battery-powered clock mechanism of it were achieved with 3D filament, a tube of super glue and a lot of patience. Forbes.

quotemarksright.jpgDesigned, produced and assembled by Franc Falco, design specialist at creative consultancy Wolff Olins, the ‘watch’ was an exercise in his own 3D modeling capabilities, as well as that of his Ultimaker 2 desktop 3D printer. In true open source fashion, the plans were made available for anyone to download from (a library of 3D printed designs run by MakerBot), including schematics for all the necessary parts and a detailed PDF from Falco on how to assemble them.quotesmarksleft.jpg

It may be a technical feat, to 3D print a watch that somewhat resembles a Rolex, but in the eyes of a trademark holder, it's a copy and a fake. My guess is they can expect legal action over this.

Read full article.

The Good Drone

The Big Bang Theory episode featuring a DJI Phantom Drone
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 13.15.48.png

A DJI Phantom Drone makes an impressive appearance on The Big Bang Theory's latest episode Thursday night. (S08E22.The.Graduation). Very funny.

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