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Les pirates ciblent les ordinateurs de cadres dans les hôtels de luxe
Les ordinateurs de dirigeants d’entreprises ont été infectés par un logiciel malicieux lors de leurs connexions Wifi dans des hôtels de luxe - principalement en Asie.

Emily Turrettini pour Bilan.

What texting does to the spine

Sixty pounds is roughly the weight of four adult-sized bowling balls. Or six plastic grocery bags worth of food. Or an 8-year-old. [via Quartz]

quotemarksright.jpgIt is also, according to a new calculation published in the journal Surgical Technology International, the amount of force exerted on the head of an adult human who is looking down at her phone.

According to Nielsen, Americans spend about an hour on their smartphones each day. Unless you train yourself to stare straight ahead into your iPhone screen, you could be continually stressing your spine. For Kenneth Hansraj, a New York back surgeon, “these stresses lead to early wear, tear, degeneration, and possibly surgeries.”

Of course, physical therapists have been howling about the scourge of “Text Neck” for years. But it’s certainly eyebrow-raising to learn that looking at Twitter in the supermarket checkout line is the equivalent of giving an aardvark a piggy-back ride.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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First 3D LED printer could print heads-up-display contact lenses
Researchers at Princeton University have developed a 3D printer that can print LEDs in layers -- and it could one day print contact lenses that incorporate heads-up displays.

[via C/net]

The Good Drone

Drone helps save window cleaner stuck on high-rise scaffolding
1564910.jpg A frightened window cleaner, whose motorized scaffolding malfunctioned near the 10th floor of a high-rise building in Abu Dhabi, was rescued by a drone on Tuesday, Dubai’s Kaleej Times reports via the NY Post.

quotemarksright.jpg Local authorities brought the high-tech drone — capable of midair communication — to aid in rescuing the worker.

The remote-controlled drone first relayed a brief message to the worker to calm his nerves, letting him know that everything was going to be OK.

Then the hovering hero detected the technical malfunction in the scaffold and “utilized audiovisual monitoring” to quickly teach the stuck worker how to fix the problem himself, according to the Kaleej Times.

The cleaner repaired the scaffolding in midair and got free without getting injured.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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