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Ransomeware: Vos données contre une rançon
Une nouvelle forme de logiciel malveillant, le ransomware, répandu par des criminels de plus en plus sophistiqués, prend en otage vos données personnelles et verrouille votre ordinateur.

Emily Turrettini pour Bilan.

The one chart that shows how Facebook has nailed mobile
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.24.06.png

Many online companies knew that mobile was the future, but few have transitioned as impressively as Facebook, both in product and business. Quartz reports.

-- It owns four mobile apps that live in the top ten lists of the world’s app stores, including two it acquired—Instagram (genius deal) and WhatsApp (looking good).

-- It now has almost 750 million daily active users on mobile, representing more than 80% of its total daily users.

-- It also has more than a half-billion monthly users who only access Facebook on mobile—up more than 75% from a year ago.

-- And it now generates 69% of its advertising revenue on mobile, up from effectively zero three years ago, without even really tapping into Instagram.

But here’s one chart that says it all, via long-time mobile industry watcher Benedict Evans, who is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, the venture capital firm. facebook-mobile-ad-revenue-per-mobile-daily-active-user-mobile-ad-revenue-per-mobile-daily-active-user_chartbuilder.png

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Doctors Create A 3D Printed Trachea on a MakerBot
3d-printed-trachea.jpg Doctors at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in New York, say 3D printing can be used to create a biodegradable tracheal segment containing a patient’s own cells to aid them in complex reconstruction surgery. [via]

quotemarksright.jpgMaking a windpipe or trachea is uncharted territory,” Todd Goldstein of the Feinstein Institute says. “It has to be rigid enough to withstand coughs, sneezes and other shifts in pressure, yet flexible enough to allow the neck to move freely.

With 3D printing, we were able to construct 3D printed scaffolding that the surgeons could immediately examine and then we could work together in real time to modify the designs.

MakerBot was extremely helpful and consulted on optimizing our design files so they would print better and provided advice on how to modify the MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer to print with PLA and the biomaterial.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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The Good Drone

FAA Releases Video Declaring The Super Bowl A “No Drone Zone”

The FAA released a 15-second video Wednesday urging fans to enjoy the Superbowl and to leave their drones at home.

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