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L'analyse de la frappe au clavier, pour sécuriser les opérations bancaires sur Internet
Chaque individu qui tape sur un clavier d’ordinateur ou de téléphone le fait d’une manière qui lui est propre. Sa vitesse de frappe, la pression qu’il exerce sur les touches et la séquence deviennent autant d’indices pour l’identifier.

Emily Turrettini pour Bilan.

How Your Phone Can Tell If You're Depressed
Researchers at Dartmouth College have figured out how to use smartphone sensor data to track users’ moods, which they think could be used to identify symptoms of depression. Motherboard reports.

quotemarksright.jpgThe aim of their experiment, described in a paper presented at last week’s Ubicomp 2014 conference, was to see if autonomous data collection could help indicate depression, loneliness, and stress in college students.

The researchers gave smartphones loaded with an app they designed, StudentLife, to 75 Dartmouth students and collected their accelerometer, microphone, light sensor, and GPS data for 10 weeks. The data collection was totally passive and offered no feedback to the students; the phones acted as silent black boxes, constantly sucking in data and calculating the results.

By tracking the amount of sleep subjects got, how many social conversations they had (measured by tracking microphone activity and filtering out lecture hours), and how much they moved around during the day, the Dartmouth researchers found a significant correlation between the results garnered from sensor data and self-reported surveys on mental health, as well as clinical definitions of depression.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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Researchers recreate historic golf clubs in 3D printer
_77748893_photo.jpg Members of Dundee University's mechanical and electrical engineering division teamed up with the St Andrews Golf Company to make metal copies of historic clubs. [via the BBC]

quotemarksright.jpgThe team replicated two historic irons loaned to them by the British Golf Museum in St Andrews. It is hoped the project will help protect rare and ancient golf clubs.

In a cross-European effort, the head of a 125-year-old rake iron was scanned in Dundee, printed in Germany and drilled in Glasgow before being finished in St Andrews.

This is the first time a metal club-head has been created using a 3D printer.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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The Good Drone

Drones Are Coming To Hollywood: FAA Set To Announce Approval
hollywood.jpg The FAA will approve Hollywood’s request to use drones for filming, government and industry sources familiar with the process have told Forbes.

quotemarksright.jpgOn Thursday afternoon the FAA will announce its decision, and explain the procedures under which production companies will operate and the aviation rules which they are exempted from, the sources say.

In May, seven aerial photo and video production companies asked for regulatory exemptions (known as a 333 exemption) that would allow the film and television industry to use drones with FAA approval. Those seven companies and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), were asked by the FAA to develop the guidelines and safety procedures under which they planned to operate. The FAA reviewed those procedures and is expected to approve the drone-specific rules and standards that will enable Hollywood to be exempt from existing aviation regulations.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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