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Télécharger l'historique de ses recherches Google: dis-moi ce que tu recherches et je te dirai qui tu es
Google donne dorénavant la possibilité à chacun de télécharger une copie de son historique de recherches, depuis la nuit des temps. Ou plus précisément, depuis le moment où l'utilisateur a établi une connexion à son compte Google.

Emily Turrettini pour Le Huffington Post.

6-Month-Old Babies Are Now Using Tablets and Smartphones
BabyIphone.jpg Over a third of children under the age of 1 have used a device like a smartphone or tablet, according to a new study, reports TIME.

quotemarksright.jpgThe study, which was presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, showed that by age 2, most kids have used mobile devices. To reach these findings the study authors surveyed 370 parents of kids between the ages of 6 months to 4 years about their exposure to media and electronics.

... According to the parents’ responses, 52% of kids under the age of one year had watched TV, 36% had touched or scrolled a screen, 24% had called someone, 15% used apps and 12% played video games.

The amount of time the children spent using devices rose as they got older, with 26% of 2 year olds and 38% of 4 year olds using devices for at least an hour.quotesmarksleft.jpg

Read full article. Image credit.


This Designer 3D Printed A Rolex Watch And The Results Could Impact How We Personalize Wearables
3d-printed-rolex-submariner-11.jpgWhat you see in the pictures here is a Rolex Submariner watch made at 300% scale using a 3D printer. Everything but the Perspex face and the battery-powered clock mechanism of it were achieved with 3D filament, a tube of super glue and a lot of patience. Forbes.

quotemarksright.jpgDesigned, produced and assembled by Franc Falco, design specialist at creative consultancy Wolff Olins, the ‘watch’ was an exercise in his own 3D modeling capabilities, as well as that of his Ultimaker 2 desktop 3D printer. In true open source fashion, the plans were made available for anyone to download from (a library of 3D printed designs run by MakerBot), including schematics for all the necessary parts and a detailed PDF from Falco on how to assemble them.quotesmarksleft.jpg

It may be a technical feat, to 3D print a watch that somewhat resembles a Rolex, but in the eyes of a trademark holder, it's a copy and a fake. My guess is they can expect legal action over this.

Read full article.

The Good Drone

Royal Navy Drones Could Turn The Tide of Migrant Crisis
_ScanEagle-surveil_3281485b.jpg Royal Navy ship-launched surveillance drones could be sent to scour the Mediterranean as part of Britain’s effort to combat the migrant crisis, under plans being considered by defence chiefs. The Telegraph reports.

quotemarksright.jpgThe Navy’s new ScanEagle remote-controlled aircraft would search for dangerously overloaded boats packed with people making the perilous crossing from Libya to Europe.

... Sources said the Type 23 frigate HMS Kent, currently in the Gulf, could be moved to take part in the operation and bring its new ScanEagle drones for use in the search.

The unarmed drone is catapulted into flight from a 14ft ramp and can remain airborne for 12 hours.

The aircraft can fly at ranges of up to 40?miles from its ship and beams back live video, day or night, directly into the ship's operations room.quotesmarksleft.jpg

Read full article.

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